You Shall Go To The Ball

You are cordially invited to attend a ball in honour of his Royal Highness Christopher Rupert.

This 7 day festival will take place in the Queen’s Hall of the Royal residence, Hexham between the 1st and 7th of November.


Due to the current state of austerity there will be a small entry tax per citizen of £14 from those who have reached the age of majority and £12.50 concessionary rate for those too young or those in receipt of a pension.

Our tax collectors are also offering a special offer on a family entry for £48 and those wishing to attend on Monday the 2nd or Tuesday the 3rd of November will be allowed to enter at the concessionary rate of £12.50.


To RSVP your ticket contact any member of the cast or ring the ticket line on 07542975264

For more details about the Prince, the rest of the Royal Family and the other notable guests click here